Ethical Audit Standards

For a modern business, an ethical supply chain is no longer an optional "feel-good" PR tool. Today, consumers, governments and NGOs are putting increasing pressure on brands and retailers to ensure transparency throughout their supply chains. Social accountability is an important element of a company's sourcing and marketing strategy, which helps ensure better product quality, foster consumer loyalty, and emphasize good corporate citizenship

WeCheck offers comprehensive ethical audit programs that can be conducted according to international standards, your company's in-house specifications or our own Best-In-Class Protocol.

All WeCheck ethical audit programs cover the following aspects:

  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Waste anagement
  • Child and young labor
  • Labor practices, including forced labor, worker representation, disciplinary practices and discrimination.
  • Working hours and wages

Client-Specific Ethical Audit Protocols

If your company already has a social accountability program in place, WeCheck can tailor its existing ethical audit programs to suit your needs and ensure the compliance of your suppliers to your specific requirements.


Ethical Audits to International Standards

Our professionally certified auditors can conduct ethical audits according to all major internationally recognized social audits standards, including:

WeCheck's Best-In-Class Ethical Audit Protocol

Using the best practices of existing standards and building on our own experience from performing over 10,000 audits every year, we have developed our own Best-In-Class ethical protocol.

When WeCheck auditors visit a factory, they use GPS coordinates to confirm that your products are only being manufactured at the approved facility, and no unauthorized subcontracting is taking place.

Our on-site audit process consists of:

  • Opening meeting
  • Factory tour
  • Document review
  • Worker interviews (group and individual)
  • Closing meeting with Corrective Action Plan (CAP) review
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